Fashion is about something
that comes from within you.

– Ralph Lauren

What courses does HAC_R offer?


Our BA programs in Fashion Design are designed to prepare you for the professional fashion world through a personalized methodology and a consolidated international program which includes Erasmus+ and our partnership with the Istituto Marangoni.


Specialize in specific areas of the fashion industry with our postgraduate programs in “Costume Design for the Contemporary World” and “Digital Patterns and 3D Fashion Design.” These courses are aimed to prepare designers for the next stage of their careers.


Our short courses in “Visual Merchandising and Window Display,” “Image Consulting,” “Pattern-Making and Garment Construction,” among others, will offer you complementary training in specialized areas.

What do our students think of us?

“At Hacer Creativo, I learned to make anything I could picture in my mind. Step by step, with the all the resources they offered, I was able to work hard every day. I made full use of my creativity and was able to give my all in every exercise. I’ll never forget the things I learned here, and those things will help me achieve all my professional goals.”

Teresa RefojoGraduate in Fashion Design

“Thanks to HACER CREATIVO, I was able to complete my senior year studies in two years, enabling me to study Fashion Design while still working outside the city. They made every possible organizational and scheduling option available to me so I could work things in around my job. The really important thing is to work hard and be dedicated. So take advantage of the School’s training! It’ll prepare you for all the opportunities this career has to offer.”

Iván RoyoStudent in Fashion Design

“You won’t just learn a profession, you’ll learn a way of living.”

Celia LacampaGraduate in Fashion Design

“I got up every morning excited and looking forward to getting to class. Hacer Creativo’s campus and professors are as good as those of any great design school. They were always ready to get fully involved with all my projects, and they always greet us with a smile.”

Nacho LamarStudent in Fashion Design

Your Fashion and Design School

Hacer Creativo is a well-known design school specialized in fashion, with more than 20 years of experience training professionals for the world of fashion. In order to train the best designers, the school applies the EBI educational methodology with individualized monitoring, which fosters creativity and capabilities of all our students. Hacer Creativo is the only private design school in Aragon that teaches the Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design. We want our student’s educational experience to be something unique. The School also offers an International Degree in Fashion Design where students attend the first two years in Zaragoza and the last two years in Milan at NABA.

Our aim is for students to live fashion with the same passion and intensity as we do. In order to do so, we constantly work to offer a program that enhances their abilities and skills and, thus enables us to train the best professionals in the world of fashion and design. Thanks to the multidisciplinary understanding of the fashion sector on behalf of our school, we offer a wide range of masters and courses in different fields that will help you develop your full potential and creativity. If you are searching to study in a unique environment and with up-to-date programs, Hacer Creativo is where you’ll want to be.

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